1. SOFT (Seers, Oracles, and Fortune-Tellers) Academy (SAHO)
                - B.M. Divinity

 2. Institute of Monkhood (SAHO)
- Title of Monk

 3. School of Hunting and Forest Magic (LINOCH)
- B.C. Hunting
- B.C. Monster Taming
- B.C. Poison Arts
- B.M. Forest Magic (special magic for old Lygobitans, can only be used in forests)
- B. Forest Studies

4. School of Alchemy and Potion Arts (MASTRA)
- B.M. Alchemy
- B.M. Potion Arts

5. School of Technical Engineering and Advanced Mechanics (MASTRA)
- Title of Engineer
- Title of Inventor
- Title of Technician

6. School of Visual Arts and Illusions (MASTRA)
- B.M. Illusions
- B.M. Visual Arts

7. School of Architecture and Sculptural Arts (MASTRA)
- B. Architectural Designs
- B. Sculptural Arts
- B.M. Magic Integrated Architectural and Sculptural Arts

 8. Armor and Weapon Makers Guild (MASTRA)
    - Title of Smith

9. School of Therapeutic Arts (ALTROP)
- B. M. Therapeutic Arts
- B. Tourism

(thanks to Miss Haps for the School Emblems!)