(Note: B.M. - Bachelor in Magic; B.C. - Bachelor in Combat; B. - Bachelor)

1. Kento University of Magic (KENTO)
- Lygobit’s central university for magical arts
- offers the following:
a. B.M. General Color Magic (Basic color magic – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white and black)
b. B.M. Defensive Magic
c. B.M. Sorcery (Black Magic)
d. B.M. Wizardry (for male) / Witchcraft (for female) (Black Magic)
e. B.M. Special and Ancient Magic (for those who have one)
f. Advanced Color Magic Program (those who wants to specialized in a certain color magic (except white and black) are sent to affiliate schools in different regions of Lygobit)
g. B. Magical Research and Studies



A. School of Geomancy and Advanced Green Magic (ROST)
1. B.M. Geomancy (can only be taken by Rost’s local residents)
2. B.M. Green Magic (Earth)


B. School of Pyromancy and Advanced Red Magic (ROST)
1. B.M. Pyromancy (can only be taken by Rost’s local residents)
2. B.M. Red Magic

C. School of Advanced Blue Magic and Marine Studies (EQUIEM)
1. B.M. Blue Magic
2. B. Marine Studies
3. B. Underwater Technology
D. School of Advanced Yellow Magic (MASTRA)
1. B.M. Yellow Magic
2. B.M. Allied Yellow Magic (must have one of the following - A) Title of Engineer B) Title of Inventor C) Title of Technician D) B.C. Mech-Driving)

E. School of Gardening Arts and Advanced Green Magic (MASTRA)
1. B.M. Green Magic (Plants)
2. B.M. Gardening Arts
3. B. Plant Studies and Medicine

F. School of Psychics and Advanced Intelligence (KENTO)
1. B.M. Psychic Arts
2. B.M. Violet Magic

 G. School of Advanced Orange Magic (INTERCONNECTED ISLANDS)

1. B.M. Orange Magic

2. Centurion University of Combat (CENTURION)
- Lygobit’s central university for combat arts
- offers the following:
a. B.C. Advanced Martial Arts
b. B.C. Tactics
c. B.C. Military Arts
d. B.C. Explosive Arts
e. B.C. Special Defense
f. B.C. Aerobatics
g. B.C. Magical Resistance
h. B.C. Energy Release
i. B.C. Marine Combat
j. B.C. Rider
k. B.C. Mech-Driving
l. Title of Soldier (program requires an earned B.C. degree)
m. Title of Detective (special recognition of the the King's Board Members)
n. Title of Weapon Specialist (special recognition of the King)

3. University of White Magic and the Healing Arts (SAHO)
- Lygobit's prime university for Advanced White Magic and the Healing Arts
- offers the following:
a. B.M. Offensive White Magic
b. B.M. Defensive White Magic
c. B.M. General White Magic
d. B.M. Healing Arts
e. B. Temple Studies